New September Capsule Wardrobe Pieces for Springs

New September Capsule Wardrobe Pieces for Springs

Spring colours for September
The shades I have selected this month combine the end of the summer shades yellow and aquamarine with the deeper tones of tangerine and navy to take you comfortably into Autumn. I've complemented these with cream and shell pink to add the element of light that Springs need in their look. Here are the new mix and match pieces I've selected to complement the September Colour Collection in this warm, bright Spring palette.
Capsule Wardrobe for September in Spring colours
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These fabulous key pieces will go effortlessly together to make outfits with the perfect blend of comfort and style.
There's a neutral blazer, blouse and flowing skirt for a touch of elegance, mid-heeled boots and smart trousers for a more formal look and a sweatshirt, joggers and trainers for casual comfort. Current fashion combines smart and casual pieces together, so you can create fabulous outfits with a modern look from this capsule wardrobe.
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Morning – Love your capsule wardrobes !! Well done lots of inspired hard work . Can we really get the cream office boots for £20?
Love the silk hush trousers – worth a try ? X

Kerry Smith

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