Rainy Summertime Style for Autumns

Rainy Summertime Style for Autumns

Welcome to August in the UK! I felt the need to supplement this month’s Mix and Match Capsule Wardrobe with a wellies and waterproofs edit, which is much more appropriate for the weather we’ve been having recently!

I’ve discovered that there are some fabulous colours and styles around in the wet weather wear department.

Here is my selection for Autumns, with 3 different colour combinations and styles. I have finished off each look with some beautiful accessories and lipstick suggestions.

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Wet weather look for Autumns #1 

Look #1 - Gorgeous leopard print with sophisticated neutral tones (the wellies have the print down the back!)

Wet weather wear for Autumns #2

Look #2 -  Classic green country wellies contrasted with vibrant golden yellow.

Wet weather look for Autumns #3
Look #3 - Tonal shades in a chic style

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