Amanda Richardson Style Magic

Hi, my name is Amanda Richardson - I’ve been working as a Colour Analyst and Personal Stylist since completing my training in 2011, having harboured a desire to do this kind of work since my own experience 14 years previously. As a Mum of a young son, I’d lost all interest and confidence in my appearance, so my Mum decided to book a Colour Analysis session to give us both a bit of a boost. I was amazed to see how particular colours could make me look more fantastic than I could ever have imagined – the experience proved to be an epiphany that gave me back my confidence and self-esteem.

Before and after

Now in my 50s, the knowledge I gained that day has never been more valuable. I feel more attractive and self-assured now than I ever did in my 20s and 30s, before I had my Colours “done”. It really was a life-changing experience for me - the inspiration to empower others with this incredible gift.


I chose the name ‘Style Magic’ for my business as I’ve been described as a “Fairy Godmother” (and even a “Sorceress”!) by clients who have experienced a transformation from feeling dull and stuck in a style rut, to looking and feeling fabulous.


When I carry out a Colour Analysis with a client, it feels like I’m performing some kind of wizardry as I see them ‘disappear‘ in the wrong colours and then amazingly ‘appear’ and shine when I place the right colours under their face or when they miraculously appear to lose lbs just by changing the way their clothes are styled. 

Colour Analysis

My mission is to creatively inspire people who want to make a positive change for themselves.