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Amanda Richardson Style Magic Studio Tunstall, Kent

Let me welcome you to my beautiful studio in Tunstall, Kent. This comfortable space is full of natural light, the perfect conditions for you to relax and discover how amazing you can look with the right colours and styles for you.

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Colour Analysis 

Available as a 1:1 or for 2 people

colour analysis Style Magic

Discover a wonderful range of colours that make you look and feel fabulous.

Using my precision-dyed drapes to compare colours of different qualities I will reveal which palette of colours really suit you and harmonise with your natural skin tone. You will see in the mirror, how some shades make you shine while others leave you looking dull and drained.

You will be given a beautiful fabric swatch fan of your palette to help you to find your colours.

Once your palette is discovered, you will see how you look in each of your shades and learn your "Wow" colours, best neutrals and accent colours which can be highlighted in your swatch fan.

You can try make up colours that complement your natural colouring, and will take away make up recommendations and 3 mini lipstick samples in your best shades.

Results of a Colour Analysis

(Bookings can be made up to 90 days in advance of the appointment

1:1 Colour Analysis - £175
Colour Analysis for 2 people - £300

Colour Refresh

Colour refresh with new Colour Swatch fan for 1-3 people

Colour refresh without Swatches for 1-3 people

Once you have had a Colour Analysis it can be a real boost to occasionally revisit the colours from your palette as a refresh, and if its been a while, to see what may have changed.

As we age, our hair colour changes and our skin becomes less opaque meaning that, although your palette of colours won't have changed, the way in which the colours work for you may well have done. 

A Colour Refresh, gives you the opportunity to see all the colours again and how they work for you now. You will rediscover colours that you may have overlooked and find new Wow colours to keep you looking and feeling your fabulous best.

You can try some new make up colours and will take away 3 mini lipstick samples in your best shades.

You can choose whether to include a new Style Magic fabric swatch fan, at a discounted price, to record your latest colour ratings.

Benefits of a Style Magic Colour Refresh

 Colour Refresh with New Swatches - £95 per person

Colour Refresh without Swatches - 
£70 per person

Online Services

Online Colour Analysis 

Available as a 1:1 only


Discover the colours that flatter you the most with an online Colour Advice session

An in person Colour Analysis is recommended for the best results. However, if this is not possible, then an Online Colour Analysis is the next best thing.

Using my digital drapes and specifically requested photos of you, I will analyse which seasonal palette works best for your appearance. A wide range of colours from your palette will be tested against your photo to discover your wow colours, your best neutrals and your accent only colours.                                                       
We will then get together for a Zoom session, where I will present your colours to you so you can see for yourself, what an amazing difference the right colours make to your appearance. You will receive advice on how best to wear your colours and the most flattering makeup shades for you.                                            
You will receive a personalised package of goodies, in the post, containing your fabric swatch fan of the full range of colours from your seasonal palette, with your wows, best neutrals and accent only colours coded for you, and three mini lipstick samples, selected to compliment your skin tone.                                                       
Once you have had a chance to review your wardrobe and try out your new colours and lipstick shades, we will schedule a follow up session on Zoom. We will discuss how you are getting on with your colour palette. You can ask any questions you may have and show me what you have found in your wardrobe in your colours.
Benefits of Online Colour Analyis
Online Colour Analysis - £115

Personal Style, Make-up and Shopping Services coming soon!

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